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Angels in Pink – Group of women of Distinction

No one fights alone.

The Angels in Pink is a group of passionate, dedicated and determined women who have been fundraising and educating Sudburians about the importance of having a breast coil attachment to the MRI here in Sudbury. Initiated by Annette Cressy, who was forced to travel to Timmins for her MRI, the Angels in Pink have raised over $165,000 through the sale of cupcakes, the Pink Glove Party, the Pink Hair Affair, Pink your Ride, etc. with every dollar being donated to the cause.

Due to their dedication generations of women in all of Northeastern Ontario will now have access to this important diagnostic tool. They have selflessly given their time, their energy and their knowledge to others in order to protect and enhance women’s health care rights. Within three years of focused volunteer efforts, the six women who are Angels in Pink have educated the public on the necessity of the MRI diagnostic tool and have raised the necessary funds to make it happen. Thank you, and congratulations to Annette Cressy, Jane Tessier, Lorraine Baldisera, Sue Chartrand, Bev Briscoe, and Angela Corsi-Raso.

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