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Laura-Jean Byers

I love changing people’s lives.

When tragedy strikes many withdraw into their grief, but not Laura-Jean Byers. After the unexpected death of their adopted daughter in 2010 Laura-Jean embarked on an astounding task, organizing a Mardi Gras to raise $38,000 to benefit orphans and underprivileged children in China. The Children’s Butterfly Hospice is a non-profit organization that gives palliative care to orphans but due to the financial support they received from Laura-Jean’s fundraising efforts, they have actually saved the lives of 64% of the children at the hospice!

She is also a strong supporter of the Smile China Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to cleft lip and palate corrective surgery. In both her professional life as an emergency room nurse and her volunteer life, Laura-Jean is constantly mentoring, supporting and encouraging others to take on leadership roles. Other adoptive parents have benefited immensely from her generous mentorship as they navigated their journey of international adoption. Laura-Jean began her volunteerism as a teenager and more recently turned a personal tragedy into an extraordinary vehicle to help others. Her family, friends and colleagues describe her as someone who will inspire you to be a better person and motivate you to join in and get going!

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