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Alicia Woods

alicia-woodsAlicia Woods grew up in a mining family and works in the mining supply and service sector herself. After numerous trips underground, she realized that the clothing women wore were for male body types. She was inspired to create Covergalls Workwear, a clothing line made to increase safety and comfort for women working in the mining industry and other related industries. Alicia secured funding by presenting her business idea on Dragon’s Den. This helped to make her product available to women internationally and allowed more women to consider non-traditional career opportunities in such areas as the trades, forestry and mining.

Alicia’s perseverance and commitment to making the industry a better place for women to work garnered numerous awards: Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2015, 40 Under 40 Award Recipient 2015, Innovation Award 2015 Recipient. She also volunteers as Vice President of the Sudbury Area Mining Supply and Service Association (SAMSSA) Board and sits on the Greater Sudbury Strategic Planning Committee. She is also involved with organizations dedicated to advancing women: Women in Mining and is a Member of PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise, which offers business support and networking to empower women and promote economic development across Northern Ontario.

Continually searching for ways to open doors for young women, Alicia created a scholarship fund for female high school students who plan to study non-traditional fields in college or university.

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