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Dr. Joanne Clark

dr-joanne-clarkeDr. Jo-Anne Clarke has broken ground in increasing the level of care available to older adults in Northern Ontario. Originally from Lively, Jo-Anne studied at McMaster University and completed her medical training at the University of Western Ontario with specializations in internal medicine and geriatrics. Jo-Anne returned to the Sudbury region in 2009 as the first Medical Director of North East Specialized Geriatric Services. Jo-Anne has worked diligently to serve patients in the Sudbury region and also across Northeastern Ontario as the first geriatrician in this vast geographic area. Her dedication to serving older adult patients across the North East has led her to build a strong interdisciplinary team of 17 professionals in Sudbury and to travel regularly across Northern Ontario to serve patients in regions as remote as the James Bay coast. Jo-Anne is regarded as a fierce advocate for the needs of each individual patient as well as for improved access to services for older adults across Northern Ontario.

Jo-Anne is highly respected by her peers, and her excellence in her field has been recognized with a number of awards and distinctions, including the Northern Ontario School of Medicine Peer Educator Award. Jo-Anne has inspired and mentored countless students, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to strive for the highest quality care for older adults. She is a prolific public speaker and highly-regarded educator, opening doors for others to follow in her footsteps. 

Family plays a big role in Jo-Anne’s life, and she works hard to balance the demands of her career with her roles as a daughter, granddaughter, sister, wife and mother. Jo-Anne is truly a Woman of Distinction in our community.

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