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Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire

imperial-order-daughters-of-the-empire-i-o-d-eFor a combined 212 years, the Sudbury IODE Chapters of Elizabeth Fry, Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Alexander Ramsay have been touching many lives.  This volunteer-based group donates time to raising funds for countless organizations, projects and people within our community.  To minimize overhead and administration costs, members use their own funds to make the work of the organization possible.  Primarily through the IODE Tour of Homes, the Harvest Lunch and the Holly and Ivy House Tour, the IODE raises $40,000 a year which they return to the community. 

Their donations have taken the shape of formal bursaries for students, recognition of the community service of noteworthy community members and assistance of community groups who work to improve the quality of life of some of our most vulnerable citizens. Some examples include: providing clothing and supplies for mothers, a piano for the Older Age Center, a freezer for the food bank, furnishings or supplies for a number of organizations in Sudbury, and even the park benches at Memorial Park. 

Beyond disbursing funds, the IODE have been involved in a variety of projects.  Notably, in 1976 after the Ministry of Health denied funding for a Genetic Outreach Clinic, IODE Ontario funded a pilot project that flew in Medical Geneticists so that people in the North could receive this service closer to home.  This eventually became a multi-year commitment that was expanded to 4 other locations in the North. 

Over the years, this women’s organization has provided a safe space for young women to become leaders who have gone on to lead in other forums.  These women have gained self-confidence while learning the variety of skills required of volunteers involved in such an eclectic list of activities, leadership skills through officer and executive positions in the IODE, and access to mentorship and networks.  Congratulations to the distinguished women of the IODE!

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