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Lynzy Boeswald-Lalande

lynzy-boeswald-lalandeLynzy Boeswald-Lalande is a women’s advocate whose belief in serving her community has generated an impressive list of actions that focus on the importance of human compassion.  As a Program Intervention Worker at Voices for Women Sudbury Sexual Assault Centre, Lynzy has drawn from her own experience as a survivor to help victims of sexual assault heal.  She has introduced, lead and is now expanding the Amity Art project that helps women heal through art and in 2014 organized a public gallery in collaboration with Artists on Elgin.  Furthermore, she is constantly seeking to create better support systems for sexual assault victims by creating links with women who have shared experiences and finding new community resources for them to use.  Even now that she is on maternity leave she continues to help women at Voices for Women as a volunteer. 

Lynzy’s education in Communications and Public Relations have made her very effective in creating educational talks and programs that aim to stop the stigma sexual assault victims often face when they come forward.  For instance, during International Women’s Week she brought her “I Am Enough” program to four high schools that focused on teaching young women self-compassion, self-love and healthy relationships.  She has also worked towards getting young men to understand their role in preventing violence against women by discussing healthy boundaries, consent and how to identify unhealthy relationships among peers.    

In addition to the advocacy, educational and support work that Lynzy performs, she also volunteers with the Sudbury Coalition to End Violence Against Women, chaired the Annual General Meeting of the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres in 2014 and co-chaired the planning of Sudbury’s largest “Take Back the Night” walk in 15 years. 

YWCA Sudbury is happy to commend the important and brave work that Lynzy does by awarding her the title of Woman of Distinction.

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