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Dr. Elaine Blacklock

A pediatrician for over 25 years, the past 16 in Sudbury, Dr. Elaine Blacklock has worked in Markham and, before that, as a general pediatrician at a Baptist hospital in Cameroon, west Africa. She currently commits her time to NEO Kids, the Cancer Centre, and the Regional Eating Disorders, supporting the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of children from infancy to teens. She is a tireless advocate for services for her patients and support for their families. While maintaining a busy practice and checking on patients in hospital, she makes herself readily available – even on weekends – to patients who may be medically compromised due to eating disorders. Her dedication has been credited with saving lives of young patients and assisting their families in understanding this challenging disorder. Some of her young patients have been motivated by Elaine’s commitment to seek a career in medicine themselves. Also a teacher at NOSM and a mentor to medical students, and both Family Practice and Pediatric residents, Elaine motivates future doctors.
A committed mother of two, she is active in the arts as well, playing piano, flute and cello. She is an intermittent member of the Bel Canto choir, and a cheerleader for and philanthropic supporter of Sudbury’s YES Theatre. Elaine is also working towards her Masters in Science Writing through Johns Hopkins University, hoping to inspire other women to greater action on environmental issues such as climate change through her stories. On top of all this, Elaine is active with Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada, which strives to create the political will to combat climate change through carbon pricing. Elaine is described as someone who exemplifies expertise, empathy and grit along with a strength of conviction that inspires students, colleagues, patients and their families – “a quiet warrior”.

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