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Jenn Ricker

A serial entrepreneur, mother, health expert, and mentor, Jenn Ricker is a woman of many different talents. Her true passion lies in empowering women in the Greater Sudbury community. Having owned Zen Fitness since 2017, Jenn has created a safe place for women to explore and empower themselves through dance, yoga and fitness on a daily basis. Jenn doesn’t just own a fitness studio, she works hard to instill confidence and empower women through her work and brings positive energy to the environment. It is very evident, Jenn has a passion for health and wellness having started a program that encourages accessible classes for others in the community. Jenn launched a program that allows clients to work at the studio a few hours a week in exchange for a fitness membership. In addition to this, Zen Fitness is the only studio in Greater Sudbury that offers an outdoor bootcamp at Bell Park, 3 days a week during the summer months at 6:00am.

Outside of her work at Zen Fitness, Jenn has successfully owned several businesses over the years including a vintage clothing store (One Love), Sudbury BJJ (martial arts school), and now the Coordinator for the Sudbury FIVE dance squad, which she graciously volunteers and opens up her dance studio for the dancers to train and practice in. You can catch her courtside during every Sudbury FIVE game cheering on her team.

Her entrepreneurial spirit, work ethic, and determination makes her stand out in her field and as a business owner. Jenn works hard to create a safe space, and make everyone feel welcome.

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