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To all the women that walk through these doors it will be one of the biggest steps that you will have to take.  When you first take those steps into this shelter all your heart, mind and spirit can feel, is the negative.  All you want to do is lock yourself into a cocoon, for everything to just go away and for all to go back to the happiest time in your life either be past or present that you can think of.  Now I’m not saying this is easy, but if you took the first step to come in here, already you are a stronger person  As time goes by, emotions will rise and you will find the will power to go on and the negative will turn into positive.

I conclude with this poem:

W ill power that you will find

O thers are not you, you make you

M eaning all life has it

A live is the main key to survival

N othing can stop you if you want it bad enough
And only after this can you now be able to call this place, from shelter to “Heaven”

(a safe place)
From a resident Lee Anne……

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